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I (Wybo) have just been at the LIRMM lab in Montpellier, France for a week, working on LogiLogi. The LIRMM lab, under the leadership of Michel Robert, and with the guidance of Jean Sallatin, will be using LogiLogi to write and discuss their self-evaluative documents, and their mission-statement. The LIRMM really is an inspiring place, where 180 staff and about 170 PhD & master’s students work on topics like robotics, micro more

Steffen is and was the best bug-squasher of all; the legendary exterminator, killer, crusher, and slayer of bugs with all and every amount of creepy legs, kind and form of gruesome tentacles, degree of sliminess, number, placement, color and shape of disgusting eyes, wings, snouts and not to forget crispy, crunchy, shields in all sizes, &… …of all bad bugs for Manta’s sake!

Our second-best bug-crusher of was Bart Leusink more

Then we will be improving Manta with the features and into the directions that the users want… To make this more concrete we will also be organizing a usability-test with a focus-group of philosophy-students & humanities people. Here we will test the UI and take note of all opinions and ideas for new features, which we will then implement.

During the whole process we will only be using Agile / Extreme programming techniques more

As of this week Miguel Lezama is doing his internship with the LogiLogi Foundation. He already was involved in LogiLogi as a FOSS-developer for some time (as a Javascript-wizzard), but now he can get study-credits for it too! :)


His internship is made possible by Jan Mikáč, who is part of the (also quite interesting) Web Adaptation and Multimedia-project of the Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble. We thank him for more