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In the last few months I have written four essays. The first two were for a course called Digital Publishing in the Humanities: Three Digital Publications: Carrying the Printer Home (about modes of reading and the suitability of digital resources for them, and the need for annotation possibilities to enable academic reading), The Letters by Vincent van Gogh: Silently Painting Letters Across Screens (about The Letters website, and how websites are quite limited compared to a more portable format for digital texts).

And the last two, which I have also published LogiLogi as they directly relate to philosophy, were for the Ethics course, resp the Methods and Techniques course: Three Essential Resources for Philosophy: Stanford Encyclopedia, Google Scholar and PhilPapers (pdf) (about digital resources for philosophy, and how they are, and became to be essential), and Everyone receives relevant reasons for moral action: and why valid amoral reasons are indeed amoral (pdf) (the one for ethics, about whether we all have reasons to behave morally, and what such reasons would be).