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I (Wybo) have just been at the LIRMM lab in Montpellier, France for a week, working on LogiLogi. The LIRMM lab, under the leadership of Michel Robert, and with the guidance of Jean Sallatin, will be using LogiLogi to write and discuss their self-evaluative documents, and their mission-statement. The LIRMM really is an inspiring place, where 180 staff and about 170 PhD & master’s students work on topics like robotics, micro- electronics, and (most of them) on computer-science.

I’m typing this as I am on the train back home, because we have been working so hard (also over the weekend) that there was hardly any time left for other things, such as updating the blog. I haven’t even seen the beach, except from the plane :-)

We have fixed a lot of bugs, and also done some small, but important improvements to the UI. In all, it was a good time, and for all the hard work (the devving was fun in itself too!), there were also good conversations, even if some of them were in French :-)

I will be doing some more fixes during a few evenings in the coming weeks, but LogiLogi should be quite usable and stable now. There is more good news in the making, but I will post it in another post.

From left to right: Martine, Claire (designer), and Wybo (action-shot :-)…

Reallife discussion later in the project