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Just got back from the ECAP (European Conference on Computing and Philosophy) 2009 in Barcelona. Though it was quite a broad conference, and the quality of the presentations sometimes varied, I found it to be a fascinating and definitely recommendable event. Last year I also attended and presented at it, in Monpellier. A video of this is now available in ogg format, (and flv, slides of 2008 are here).

Drawn from the interesting talks of this year was first of all a keynote by Luciano Floridi on the relationship between information and knowledge. Then there was a talk by Kevin Warwick, on what it is like to be a robot (and he’s the guy that actually tried it out!). Then there was a talk by Philip Brey on the proper role of information in society. And there was more, notably also a track on Singularity.

Then there was “our” track on computer-supported cooperative work. Two presentations (apart from ours, naturally :) in it were especially relevant to LogiLogi. The first being the one by Dominique Luzeaux, on Wiki-Debate. Their logical relationships and emoticons for comments were especially nice (though a bit overly-complex for voluntary users imho). The second was the presentation by Luc Schneider. It especially went into the LiquidPub project, and the ideas behind it, which are strikingly similar to those behind LogiLogi. So we are not alone, and judging our company, likely on the right track.

Besides this, interest in cooperation was expressed by at least two parties. But more on this when things become more concrete. The slides of our presentation can be downloaded here