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The Philosophers Rally – The Future of Philosophy was a vibrant, interesting, local conference. We had many interesting discussions, and there were good talks to attend, not just of the keynote speakers such as David Gamez, but also of Johnny Søraker, on virtual worlds, of Marleen Moors, on technology, certainty and death, and of David Koepsell, on copyrights in the nano-age.

And of course LogiLogi was also presented at the Rally (slides available here). We had an average audience, and received some good questions, especially by David Gamez on community building. Charl Linssen, an occasional developer of LogiLogi, and I also met again in person at the rally, and we had some good conversations, and a few beers together at the campus bar… In all it was a nice conference, and LogiLogi was received positively by those present.

(picture thanks to Charl)