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Some of the challenges could be the neatly splitting up of things into logis of max 1.000 words, and keeping the set of tags for each part meaningful. In addition it will be a challenge to balance between the multi-dimensionality of hypertext and the need for a linear ordering of everything in the final paper version. Also – and I need your help with this – I hope we can see how things work out if more logis compete, and people with different ideas and concepts add tags to their logis, testing how the freely growing folksonomy can turn into something sensible.

And last but not least I expect to find quite a grotesque collection of bugs and some fascinating possible improvements, and balancing my time between improving LogiLogi and feeding the paper version to my prof on time, might become a small challenge too :)

So feel welcome to join our dogfood dinner on LogiLogi, where you’ll find a warm intellectual atmosphere, delicious patent-dishes, copyright-salads, and other intellectual food, and oh, yes, please don’t forget to bring your own ideas and opinions; brains are welcome.