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Also when speaking more broadly, Digital Humanities is a very promising and socially useful field. Promising because whereas for example in physics a digital revolution has already happened, in the Humanities, because of their different and complex needs, there is still a lot to do and to discover.

And it is useful for society because applications and improvements for Historians and Philosophers – when successful – can have more extensive and profound consequences for culture and the human condition than those for physics and maths, on whose faculties, and to whose needs Computer Science has historically developed. So it’s not just interesting and fun, it’s a good thing to work on too.

On a more personal note I am happy to have heard today that my studying at Kings will be made possible by a HSP-Talentenbeurs scholarship of the Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for international cooperation in higher education.

So there is more to come, and LogiLogi, and hopefully this world too, will continue to become better all the time, bit by bit.