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The FOSDEM was pretty amazing. The Friday night Beer-event was overwhelming to say the least, and on saturday morning there was a very interesting keynote talk on the future of ‘Free and Open’ with many applications moving into the cloud by Mark Surman, of the Mozilla Foundation.

And there were many other good talks, of which for us quite a few were on sunday in the Ruby and Rails developer room.

I arrived there before 10 in the morning, after having had another interesting evening at the Gnome beer event (as for being dwarfish or involved in the Gnome project, I’m quite tall, and only a normal user of the windowmanager). But I had some good chats there, and of course good Belgian beer, especially the Früli strawberry beer.

…anyway, but back to Sunday. A particulary good talk was the one by Peter Vanbroekhoven on the object model of Rails.

We also gave our presentation on sunday, on LogiLogi, the importance of freedom on the Brave New Web, and on the three Rails plugins: Thorny Form, Magick Corners and Body Builder. The sheets can be downloaded here (as pdf, sources here).

Some further good news is that LogiLogi will be presented at the Philosophers Rally 2009 – The Future of Philosophy conference which is held in Enschede on the 12th and 13th of May. This is a conference by and for philosophers, so we are really looking forward to this presentation, and to discussing LogiLogi with them.