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This week we released 3 ruby-gems. They were extracted from LogiLogi. As the site is mostly working now, it seemed time to do all those little cleanups and todo’s that were still left. And thus, during Christmas I sat with my laptop on my lap in the livingroom (what else are laptops laptops for ? :), cleaning things up, and preparing the release of some re-usable parts of LogiLogi as gems.

The first gem is Diff Longest Common Substring, our diff algoritm that can not just find additions and removals of text, but also text that has moved around. The second is Position Range, a helper-gem for DiffLCS, which models a Range to which random attributes can be assigned, and which can easily be manipulated in PositionRange::Lists using standard set operations. And the last is Text Weaver a library to weave html-tags into texts. This one is used by LogiLogi to add the separately stored links and remarks back into the logis for display.

All of them are under the Affero GPL, which means they will remain free, and can only be used in sites that are also under the Affero GPL, and thus whose source can be downloaded and is Free Software. They are all hosted on Rubyforge.

Around the 3rd week of January we will also be releasing some really nifty Rails-plugins with tutorials on how to use them. But for now we wish you all a Happy and Free new Year.