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Last monday we heard that we will receive a small grant from OFSET for the develoment and hosting of LogiLogi. Ofset is an international foundation, mostly based in France, that promotes Free Software for schools and uni’s. We are very happy with it, and will use it well!

Also yesterday our first paper on LogiLogi (presented at the Digital Humanities 2008 conference) appeared in the journal of the student association of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Groningen; the Qualia. The newest edition is not yet online, but will be soon.

And last but not least, with the addition of invites for peergroups, and a welcoming e-mail for new users (and the fixing of some bad IE bugs ;-) LogiLogi is now finally ready for more general use. So while we have been hesitant with spreading the word before, as of now, please tell your friends about LogiLogi, and spread the word!

LogiLogi in one paragraph:

LogiLogi tries to find an informal middle-road between good conversations and journal-papers by providing a form of quick, informal publication and annotation of short texts. It does not make use of forum-threads (avoiding their many problems), but of tags and links that can also be added to texts by others than the original author. It is intended for all those ideas that you’re unable to turn into a full sized paper, but that you deem too interesting to leave to the winds.