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After weeks of thinking, tinkering, designing, discussion and development it’s finally there; LogiLogi Manta with a new UI. For the first time – we hope – it’s now possible to call Manta usable. At least somewhat :)

It’s still a very basic UI, and there’s more functionality to come, but at least the basics work, and seem to be working well from an usability perspective. Currently the only supported browser is Firefox, but in some weeks we will add support for IE 7 too.

Also we will be improving things and adding some new features (like RSS feeds and simple stats), so if you encounter bugs, things fit for improvement, or have ideas on features, please let us know.

Big thanks to all who have contributed to LogiLogi, and special thanks to Bruno Sarlo, Miguel Lezama and Wybo Wiersma for much of the design & integration work…

Below is a screenshot, and you can view it in full size, working & interactive and all, here (you have Firefox, don’t you ?).