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The ECAP08 was held in Montpellier, France, from 16-18 June. It was a very exciting, fast and inspiring conference, about the cross-roads of philosophy and computer-science/informatics. Talks ranged from the philosophy of information, gender and information- ethics to (ideas about) applications for philosophers.

And in this last category 3 interesting live systems were presented. The first was wiki-debate, the platform affiliated with the conference. While in principle an interesting approach (especially their visualisations are nice), I think the basic commenting feature suffered from a combination overcomplexity and lack of time on the side of the conference participants. The next was co-here. This system is beautifully designed and really looks Web2.0ish, but imho it is too much focused on enforcing simple, linear logical relations, at least for my line of philosophy.

Last but not least there was of course our presentation on LogiLogi Manta. The (classroom-sized) room was packed with people, even some had to stand in the back. We received some good questions and references and many positive reactions. The sheets can be downloaded here. And the video should also become available in some time.