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This new version is a real milestone. It, for the first time, really enables better, and easier discussions. The earlier version, LogiLogi Plancton, was not much more than a modified wiki, which was basically only used for sharing lecture-notes by a hand full of people… LogiLogi Manta, now that it takes a swim, does bring a substantial improvement! It will make for a beautiful, fun, and interesting site.

Swim, yes, as it is named after the fabulous Manta Ray:

Regardless of our efforts, the success of LogiLogi will depend on you, and other people that might find it useful, and for whom we will and can do more to improve Manta. This release is by no means the end of our development-effort. It’s not that LogiLogi is finished now. No, this is only the beginning, and suggestions and feature-requests are very welcome.

Also please bear with us that while the site should be usable, it is still a beta-release, meaning that there are probably still many bugs and small issues to be fixed. You can help us a lot by reporting them here. Currently only the Firefox/Mozilla and Internet Explorer 7 browsers are supported, with IE6 following in some weeks.

LogiLogi Manta has, so far, been made possible by: (in alphabetical order) Lars Buitinck, Maarten Geraedts, Allan van Hulst, Bart Leusink, Miguel Lezama, Charl Linssen, Steffen Michels, Roel van Rijswijk, Bruno Sarlo, Thierry Stamper, Artyom Syazantsev, Rens van Summeren, Jordy Voesten, Wybo Wiersma (me :), Ilona Wilmont, Andrew Wolters, Feng Zhu, and probably even more!

With special thanks to Bruno, Miguel and Steffen, for their great and enduring work so far!

Big thanks to all!

LogiLogi Manta is Live! Long live LogiLogi Manta!