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It’s there!, almost… LogiLogi Manta will go live as public beta in just 4 days; on the 6th of May, 2008 AD.

The last two and a half week – since we planned the release – we have done a lot of heavy coding and radical refactoring. And we still have four days ahead of – quite intense – preparations, but it’s now really getting there…! We are now mainly tweaking the layout, writing some prelimary help-documentation, and testdriving our installation- scripts… :)

And as the good news just keeps coming, we just received confirmation that we will be presenting LogiLogi Manta also at the RMML conference. From the 1st till the 5th of July we will be there in Mont-de-Marssan, France!

Our presentation there will be especially going into the Free Software side of LogiLogi, and how we try to bring the spirit of Free Software to philosophical and humanities-related discussions. Besides it will also be the most technical of all our talks of this summer.