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Steffen is and was the best bug-squasher of all; the legendary exterminator, killer, crusher, and slayer of bugs with all and every amount of creepy legs, kind and form of gruesome tentacles, degree of sliminess, number, placement, color and shape of disgusting eyes, wings, snouts and not to forget crispy, crunchy, shields in all sizes, &… …of all bad bugs for Manta’s sake!

Our second-best bug-crusher of was Bart Leusink with 6 finds and 6 fixes in total, and our 3rd-best hunter was Miguel Lezama, with just one find less than Bart…

We are now working towards our release-date, which we have set to the 6th of may. Just 3 more weeks till LogiLogi Manta goes live!

All hail to the Slayers of green Mean Bugs bugging Manta!

And let’s get going towards the release!