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We have good news again, and this time there is no first of April in sight. Our submission to the European conference on Computing and Philosophy has been accepted! So besides our general presentation at the Digital Humanities 2008 in Oulu, Finland (June 25-29) we will now also be presenting in Montpellier, France (16-18 June). The presentation we give at ECAP will especially be about the philosophy behind Manta.

So if you are from the warm European south you will now also be able to attend a presentation about LogiLogi Manta!

And last weekend we also gave a presentation for the Dutch Linux User Group in Utrecht. It was in – you guessed – Dutch, and not just about LogiLogi Manta, but also about the importance of Free Software for the web. It was quite fun to give a presentation to an audience like this, and for it to be in Dutch for a change :) Anyway, for those capable of reading Dutch, the sheets are online here.