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As Miguel Lezama finally sensed some time early in the evening, the Yippee Yahoo :) news indeed was our (Wybo and Bruno) contribution to April’s fools day, or as we say in Dutch, it was an “first of April” joke ;)

It seems that most of the Nijmegen team, and also at first Miguel, and many others did believe it. Which of course is not all together that strange, as it is quite close to the truth that we are doing something really interesting, potent and maybe even web- revolutionary with LogiLogi Manta…. Still to expect the vision and the goodness on the part of Yahoo to support us at this stage, may indeed be a little bit overstretched after all :)

For now we are and remain a Free Software project driven by the passion of it’s participants, and the fun we have doing it, not by corporate funding or by big salaries. Given it is that the project likely may have a bright future, a future that can fundamentally change our ways of doing deliberation and philosophy, and a future beyond google’s bad ’ol “Knol”, and a future that may even include modest salaries… but for now it is to us, and no one but all of us together to make it true…!

Sorry Yahoo…