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If you’ve been wondering what LogiLogi (Manta) is, you can now finally find a clear and short description of it, it’s philosophy and it’s relevance in this 1500-words paper:

The growth of the web has been quite invisible for philosophy so far, and while quite some philosophizing has been done about what the web could mean for the human condition, not much has been said about what it could mean for philosophy itself. An exception is some early enthausiasm for newsgroups and forums in the nineties, but that quickly died out when it became apparent that those were not suitable at all for in-depth philosophical conversations. The web as a medium however is more than these two examples of early web-systems, and in the meantime it has further matured with what some call Web 2.0, or social software (sites like MySpace, and Wikipedia). Time for a second look… read on

This is the paper that we will submit to the Digital Humanities 2008 conference, where we hope to be able to present the live LogiLogi Manta in june 2008. We are still waiting for some people to finish their review of it, so we can’t yet say it’s the final version of the paper, but it won’t change drastically anymore.

And you can also have a look at our pre-alpha of the UI as it is being integrated, click here for that. This integration is something that will be done much sooner than June, but we hope to add usability-improvements and AJAX-wizzardry to make it super usable for all of us with mainly a philosophy or humanities-background, and that’s what will be done before the summer-breeze of June comes around with the conference.

And in the meantime, yes the paper is still a paper as in dead-tree-paper-simulation, not a page on a working version of LogiLogi Manta, but we’re making that happen, stay tuned or jump in and help.