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I (Wybo) am back from the PICNIC Conference in Amsterdam. It was totally 2.0. Many things were really outside the box, like the totally incredible analog red-fluid bottles SMS-screen, and what about a food serving dress?

Anyway, it was definitely interesting, especially the European Bloggers Conference, with among others Corry Doctorow of BoingBoing, and many famous European and Dutch bloggers. And besides I also visited the Creative Money Salon, about the future of copyright and peer to peer creation, and the presentation of Syb Groeneveld’s great book about the future of civil society’s media, and the Digitale Pioniers Project; Open Doors, Programming Civil Society Media in the Netherlands, An Exemplary Guide.

The next conference on the roll is the T-Dose, which will be held in Eindhoven in two weeks, where the LogiLogi Foundation will present itself, it’s projects, and it’s view on Open Source web-applications during an hour-long talk.