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Articles for Jun 2007

Today OgOg received ‘I-have-already-voted’-checks. One is now allowed to vote for each post at maximum once a week. This law-in-code became necessary as more people joined today, and some of them liked to experiment with what would happen if they gave dozens of 5-star (unsurpassed) ratings to their own posts… ;)

Also I applied some tweaks to the layout of OgOg. I hope you like it.

And for something completely more

After our announcement on e-hub, and on a few forums, the word about ogog started to spread.

Today OgOg has been getting quite large numbers of visitors and today alone 10 bloggers signed up. Bet this is only the beginning…

Besides all this some improvements were made to OgOg in response to user inquiries:

  • For the full articles you now go directly to the blogs themselves, so you get the full beauty.
  • Viewpoints are now listed below posts more