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Articles for May 2007

But while the software in web2.0 applications is functioning like a natural law, it does not stem from nature. The laws of nature are not of human origin and cannot be changed by us. The laws embedded in software, however, can, just like the policies can; The virtual world is uniquely malleable.

Then how does change in these virtual laws come about ? Most often they are made by a lofty programmer-king adding a more

We launched today, a side-project applying a simplified version of the the logilogi rating system to blog-posts from RSS-feeds…

You can take a tour here

On, you can rate RSS posts and receive good rankings and extra voting power when your own posts are rated as being good. You can carry your user-ranking and voting power over to other sites via OgOg’s API (and your OpenID).

Check it out and let us know what you think more

Great to greet you, as a foundation, via the web now. While LogiLogi has been there for a while already, the LogiLogi Foundation did not have a site for some time. And that has changed now!

Now what is the LogiLogi foundation ?

In short we think that web2.0-apps and -communities are not too sexy to become Open Source, and we are willing to show it in practice with our projects and

And you more