What's wrong?

Domain has a faulty DNS configuration, which poses security risks to its users and operators. This page ensures to make these risks visible until corrected.

What can I do about it?

→ Admin/operator of ?

You used BuddyNS to protect DNS for and you no longer do, but you failed to remove BuddyNS from your DNS delegation.

Incorrect DNS delegation is a significant security risk, which is why you see this warning. For example, it may cause your clients to leak their email credentials to third parties, without you or them noticing.

😱 Show me how to fix this →
→ Visitor/general owner of ?

If you own but have it administered by others (e.g. a web hosting company), get in touch with your operator to fix the problem.

If you're a visitor, there's nothing you can do yourself. If you're able, contact the admins of .

If you are unable to reach them, all you can do is sit back and relax until they notice and correct the issue.

✉️ E-mail admin →

I operate : How do I fix it?

Remove BuddyNS servers from the NS records of 's DNS.

You did a similar operation when you setup your domain with BuddyNS, so you'll be able to remove them in the same way. If you are not, then somebody is likely managing your domain for you. See whom to contact below in this case.

If you are able to manage DNS for , then pay attention to update DNS delegation in 2 places — doing it in one alone won't solve the problem:

  • On your master DNS server, which is the server or service you use to maintain your DNS configuration for .
  • At your registry, which is typically the website you bought from.

You basically need to perform the reverse process of what you did when you delegated to BuddyNS servers — but removing the NS records instead of adding them, in the same places as you did. Refer to the BuddyNS delegation guide to refresh your memory.

Why don't you fix it yourselves?

Unfortunately BuddyNS can do nothing about this. Only the owner of has the power to control the delegation setup of their domain.

The tiny part we can do is hosting this page: we take hundreds of millions of unanserable requests a month by domains with stray DNS delegation such as this one, and still serve them with this page to remind of the issue.

Whom can I contact about this?

→ If you're a visitor

If you're a visitor, attempt to inform the administrator of .

→ If you're owner, but not operator

If you are the owner of — but you never managed its DNS — then you are letting somebody manage it for you: likely a web hosting company. Contact your web hoster to fix this.

→ If you're operator

If you are the operator of , then you are the only person able to correct this DNS hiccup. Proceed to remove the NS records *.buddyns.com which you added when you setup your domain with BuddyNS.

Do not contact BuddyNS support about this! This is an issue only you can solve. Our support team is only available to paying users, and given Switzerland's giant labor costs, we make no exceptions here.

If you are at loss and unwilling to solve your problem yourself, you can buy one-off assistance from us for 75 $US. We do this at no profit to minimize annoyance among people who'd rather put the money than the time. To use this option, create a BuddyNS account, and contact our support with the associated email address. We will generate the invoice and assist you with correcting the issue once it is paid.

What is BuddyNS?

BuddyNS is a DNS replication service for administrators to increase the reliability and security of their domain names.